Rebranding New Look

Hey World Changers! It has been much too long since the last time I was in touch but I’m finally getting ready to release new content in a new season!

I need your help though in giving this podcast a new look! I would love your feedback in choosing our new thumbnail! You can choose here or go to my Facebook page to vote for your favorite image!

I appreciate each of you! Stay in the fight, keep up the fire and stay BOLD!


Please just comment which image you like the best and even none of these if you don’t like any of them. Thank you all!


Hey world changers!

I know it has been some time since I’ve released a new episode but I’ve been doing some thinking, contemplating, pondering, and working on strategizing.

I have some new content that I’m itching to release but I want to do more than just release content. I want to release an experience that impacts lives!

So please stand by I’m working on something special that I truly believe you will enjoy!

Stay tuned and stay bold and courageous!


Leaving a New Legacy

Changing the future of the world begins by changing our present selves. We have the power within us to influence those nearest to us, so that the next generation will have an example to follow.

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Leaving a NEW Legacy

It’s up to us to make decisions today that will change the future for the one we care about the most!

Staying The Course

In this episode I talk about the experiences of the past 10 years of marriage with my wife and how to not just overcome the obstacles but how to stay moving towards your purpose by staying the course.

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Staying The Course